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Borrowed it, Painted it!

Hi Everybody

Following on from the announcement of my new personal paintings website I thought that this quick post would be something a little different from my usual posts.

I am sure many of you are fans of the blog by Paige Nicholl, “Stories from a small village”.

On her blog she always has lovely photos, often of the beautiful New England countryside and coast and some of her recent ones have been no exception.

So I asked if I might use her photos as subjects for  watercolours, which she kindly agreed to, and so here are two taken from very recent posts by her. Many thanks, Paige.

I have included the originals as well as my interpretation and I hope you and Paige will like them!

Next year we plan another visit to New England, it is beautiful part of the world, not just in the Fall but throughout the year and we have enjoyed vacations and painting there before.

Happy travelling!



A lake near Wolfboro. Photo by Paige Nicholl


Watercolour by Brian Tucker






Cutler in Maine on misty morning. Photo by Paige Nicholl


Watercolour Painting by Brian Tucker. A sunnier day!

My new website!

Ile de la Cite from a river cruise in Paris

Ile de la Cite from a river cruise in Paris. Now for sale on


Hi Everybody.

At last I have decided to open a personal website where my paintings can be viewed and purchased. I have been thinking about it for some time but only now have I got organised enough to have the site set up.

This past year I have sold a few paintings and received a few commissions for paintings of customer’s favourite scenes.

So the new site brings together these two aims, one to paint watercolours for people of places they have visited, and secondly to display a number of artworks that can be purchased from me of places that I have visited and painted watercolours of.

The new site can be found at

I hope you will enjoy looking at it as well as continuing to look at this blog which of course will continue!

I really do appreciate all the support from friends,followers and readers alike and I hope you will enjoy both sites in the future.

Happy travelling, photographing and painting!

Brian Tucker