Brian’s Watercolours Catalog

Brian’s  Watercolours Catalog

If you have seen paintings on this site that you might like to buy then In the first instance please contact  me  through the comments.,or email me directly. I always respond quickly.

Below you will find information about buying my watercolours from Artfinder.

However if you see a painting on a Blog Post that you would like to enquire about directly then just email the Title of the painting  and the Post it is in and I will respond quickly to you.

You can also see some of my Watercolours which are for sale on


I am also very keen to take on commissions to paint watercolours of your favourite places either for yourself or as gifts for friends and family.

If you have such a favourite just email me a jpg image and I will get back to you quickly with ideas and prices.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Below are an abridged catalog of my watercolours many of which are available to purchase. If you see one you would like to enquire about please email me at and I will respond quickly to you with pricing and other information.





Watercolours of The South of England

Watercolours of France

Watercolours of other parts of Europe

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