A Place, a Painting, a Drink and a Platter. No 3 The USA

A Place, a Painting, a Drink and a Platter. No 3 The USA

Yosemite National Park- Maybe the most awe inspiring scenery in the USA. Watercolour

For such a huge Country there is often some similarity  in Restaurant menus from California to New Hampshire, or Washington State to Florida.
But thank goodness there are many local specialities and difference too, and in this short post we can look at a few of my favourites plates of food. If I mentioned all my favorite US meals we would be here a long time!

After our last post visit to the Cote d’Azur these are somehow heartier fare, which can mean large and delicious portions!

So let us start in Seattle


Mount Rainier in Washington State Watercolour 16 inches by 12.

Seattle, is a big City and is to me somehow dominated by three things, Mount Rainier, which seems massive even though it is 60 miles away. The Boeing Company, a place I have visited at lot, and Microsoft, maybe its their hardware and software you are using to read this.

Of  course Seattle is much much more that these three things and for me my post item is Clam chowder. Whilst more often associated with New England it is also great on the West Coast. Sometimes served in a huge crusty loaf this hearty dish, together with the wonderful local Salmon and Mussels bring back mouthwatering memories of the area.

An amazing 89 miles south is Mount Rainier. A sketch from near Whidbey Island

One favourite place where i enjoyed all these food items was Arnie’s at Mukiteo. A few miles north of Boeing’s huge factory, where I did spend a lot of time some years ago.

After the great  Clam Chowder, you can take the short ferry ride across to Whidbey Island and enjoy the Mussels from Penn Cove and explore this unspoilt and delightful place.

Travel north  on the island and you can return to the mainland via the bridge at Deception Pass. It is a lovely  trip. Oh, and if possible have the the locally brewed beers with your meal, very good!


The quaint streets of Savannah and the strange Oak trees dripping with Spanish moss give Savannah a timeless quality.

We stayed in one of the “Historic Inns ” called “The Gastonian”and enjoyed it a lot and we were made very welcome.

However our food highlight was dinner at a great restaurant called “Elizabeth’s on 37th Street” where all the courses were very good but the first course was outstanding. It was a meat  stuffed local Vidalia onion covered in a delicious sauce. It was terrific and an everlasting memory of a great City.

Watercolour sketch of “Elizabeths on 37th Street”

3. New England

The whole area of New England is a wonderful part of the USA to visit.

We have been there quite a few times and enjoyed it every time.

New England seems to abound in great food and wonderful hospitality.

On of our favourite places to stay is Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport which is just great, but maybe my most memorable  platter was in the small town of Belfast where I enjoyed the most fantastic Lobster Roll.
Of  course this is a common item on menus all over New England but that one does stick in my memory! And naturally washed down with locally brewed beers, of which there are many.

it is an area where I have enjoyed painting and sketching so here are few watercolours to end this post

From Boston to Halifax there is so much to see and do!


Bass Island Lighthouse on Mount Desert Island near Bar Harbor

Sunset at Bass Island

New England in the Fall


Next time lets head to Italy,the home of great food, wine and scenery!

Happy Travelling


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  1. Ahhh, you captured my home state of Maine, a lighthouse at Bar Harbor, fall colors, and lobster rolls! Very pretty!

  2. Hi Brian, you also captured MY home state, and Boeing, and then the opposite coast where I am currently enjoying autumn in New England. (I can get clam chowder in New England, but I do miss good smoked salmon and teriyaki anything in Seattle!) Great post and lovely paintings! Keep them coming!

    • Hi Paige,
      Nice to hear from you and thanks for the comments. Washington State is great and I so much enjoyed my many, many visits there when working with Boeing in the 70s,80s and 90s!
      Enjoy the fall in NE

  3. Lovely evocative paintings. Just makes me want to revisit all these places!

  4. Lovely selection of scenes. We have actually spent time in Oak Harbour and Whidbey Island – such a beautiful area. Nicely done!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!

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