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Experimenting with watercolour abstract painting

Hi Everybody

I have been experimenting with some watercolours that have some abstract ideas in then and I have really been enjoying the challenge.

Whilst trying to preserve lanscape and seascape ideas these paintings have a bit of abstraction about them and I hopw you will like them

They are fun to produce and they can also be upscaled as Giclée prints to create large centrepiece paintings up to 1 metre wide  and this is an exciting prospect too.

Hre are some recent ones for you to see and any of your thoughts would be appreciated.

I hope you will enjoy these

Happy Travelling 


Norfolk Fens. Watercolour 90 by 20 cms


The Island. Watercolour 46 by 24 cms


The Lighthouse. Watercolour 90 cms by 20.

Norfolk River scene. Watercolour 85 by 22 cms

Venice Lagoon Sunset, watercolour46 by 35cms

The Mourne Mountains. Watercolour 46 by 24

A recurring theme – Lavender in Provence!

Hi Everyone

Over  the years I have enjoyed painting Lavender fields as we have travelled throughout Provence in France.

The colour is always amazing and can vary quite bit but nearly always there are little or large farmhouses or villages that add something to the scene.

Sometimes I confess the houses, villages and fields move around a bit, well that is just a bit of artistic licence!

So I have searched back through the photo archives of my watercolours and I found all these.

I hope you will enjoy this retrospective of many years of watercolour.

Some are sketches, some much larger watercolours, one or two were even just postcard size as well!

Happy travelling


Drôme le Provencal


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