A new idea- Crazy or exciting?

Hi Everybody

Last week I posted about the beautiful Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.

It started me thinking that a series of the same panorama for each season might be fun to paint and then I wondered, how about just doing one watercolour with all four seasons in the one painting!

Crazy or Exciting?

Well I decided to have a go today and here is the result, hot as they say , off the press!

It starts from left to right with summer first so that I could include some yachts sailing below a cobalt blue sky. Then comes Autumn with a softer ultramarine and cerulean blue cloudy sky before winter with dark skies and rain and snow landing on the Mourne’s highest peak, Slieve Donard and below it a colder sea foaming up on to the beautiful sandy beach. Lastly we are back to spring with big clouds in a cobalt sky.

I know it’s a bit weird but it was a lot of fine to try to paint and maybe you will like it.

I would love to get your comments.

I have popped it on to Artfinder in case someone really likes it!

I am now thinking of other scenes that might work with this idea so who knows you may see some more.

With our second jab due quite soon and half of the UK now vaccinated seeing friends and family and even some travel is becoming a reality, thank goodness.

It is a fantastic UK vaccine achievement which we all are very proud of and congratulate those who have made it happen – well done!

Stay well and safe



Four Seasons in one watercolour. Summer,Autumn, Winter and Spring Watercolour on Arches paper 54 cms by 25.









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After spending 40 years in Aerospace I now enjoy painting watercolours of our travels around the world. I also paint for others who would like reminders of there favourite places. Most of my paintings are painted from photos that I have taken, or taken by others. This blog shows some paintings from Yvonne's and my travels together. Have look at my other Blog www.aquarellesdefrance.wordpress.com

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  1. I like it! A very beautiful and interesting watercolor! And I’m so glad you’ll soon get your second shot and get back to more normal life. It’s happening here, too. I’m so thankful for those who worked so hard and quickly on the vaccines, those who tested them out, and now those administering them!!

  2. It was interesting to me that you decided to do the seasonal approach to the same scene because I had thought the same thing not so long ago. I had done painting called Winter Light (I don’t think I have posted it) and thought – hmmm, maybe I could do Spring Light, Summer Light, Autumn Light of the same scene to show how the light changes the subject. I haven’t been as industrious as you and have not started this project:) I thought your colours are really vibrant and really “pop”.

  3. Hi Kathryn
    Thanks for you comments , interesting you too were thinking of this too.
    I do like your Winter light by the way. I decided to do it minejust one really for bit of fun!
    best regards

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