The White Cliffs of The South of England

The Iconic White Cliffs at Dover in Kent

Hi Everybody

Along the South Coast of England the White Chalk cliffs are a dominant sight.

Immortalised in songs and seen as a great landmark of the UK they stretch from East Kent right through to West Suusex.

In a way they have come to symbolise the determined spirit of our Island Nation and for artists they are a great gift of nature, and for me compelling subjects.

it is the same limestone of these cliffs that gives the soil in Champagne in France the ability to produce great Champagne wines and which have in the past few decades allowed the emergence of a fine wine industry in Southern England where today some of the World’s finest Sparkling wines are now produced.

So it is against all that that have over the years painted a good many watercolours of these iconic cliffs and this post gathers some of them together now in one place.

I hope  you enjoy seeing them

Lets start  in Kent near Kinsgate Bay and the cliffs on that part of the coast.

Here is view of the North Foreland Lighthouse perched high on the Cliffs near Joss bay.


Flying kites near Broadstairs.

The coastal town of Broadstairs is today a popular seaside resort and has gained fame through the presence in the town  of Charles Dickens in the 19 century and his books

Low tide at Broadstairs

Dawn at Broadstairs

The beach and Cliffs at Dumpton Gap just south of Broadstairs.

As we travel further south we come to Dover and here again is the header picture for this Post showing the imagined view from a ship entering the harbour.

.Beyond busy Dover is the ferry port of Folkstone with its delightful harbour shown here.




At Folkestone the cliffs descend and then they reappear at Petts Levels , just beyond Rye in Sussex,  seen here from Camber Sands.

Beyond Eastbourne the white cliffs beome higher with the impressive Beach Head and the Seven Sisters Cliffs

A cold winters day at the Seven Sisters Cliifs


Stormy seas at the Seven Sisters

Calm day at the Cliffs

The White Bliffs csrry on further into Sussex but we will leave those and other parts of the South shore till a further post.

These paintings and many more will I hope soon appear in an “eBook” called

“The Coastal Counties of England “ which I am currently working on.

Happy Travelling and stay safe and well


About brianswatercolours

After spending 40 years in Aerospace I now enjoy painting watercolours of our travels around the world. I also paint for others who would like reminders of there favourite places. Most of my paintings are painted from photos that I have taken, or taken by others. This blog shows some paintings from Yvonne's and my travels together. Have look at my other Blog

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  1. You are super talented. Really lovely paintings.

  2. It’s as if you’re circling our home ground here – we live in Herne Bay (and I used to live in East Sussex) so between us we know every single one of these views. I think my favourite is the Seven Sisters view, I love walking around that area.

  3. Excellent work. As if I am touring it physically. 👌🏻

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