Watercolours of Scotney Castle in Kent, UK

Azaleas in late May. Watercolour 14 inches by 12. 2022.

Hi Everybody

i really enjoy painting watercolours of Scotney Castle in Kent throughout the year, it is one of my favourite subjects as every time I visit there is something else to see.

The header watercolour is the most recent of a series of watercolours and it tries to capture the intense colours of the Azaleas and Rhododendrons that are so prolific there.

So I have gathered together some of the many watercolours that I have painted over quite  long time and I hope that you will enjoying seeing them.

If you have never been to Scotney do try to get there one day, it is delightful and there is so much to see there.

Firstly two tall watercolours.


Rellections at Scotney Castle 2 Wtaercolour 18 inches by 9. 2021

Refections at Scotney Castle Watercolour 18 inches by 8.2020











Winter at Scotney Castle Watercolour 12 by 10 inches 2019

Scotney Castle Reflections 3. Watercolour 14 inches by 9. 2022

Colour at the pond. Scotney Castle 14 by 10 inches. 2020

My first large watercolour of Scotney Castle !6 inches by 12. 2016

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these and that you will return to my Blog soon!

Happy Travelling


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After spending 40 years in Aerospace I now enjoy painting watercolours of our travels around the world. I also paint for others who would like reminders of there favourite places. Most of my paintings are painted from photos that I have taken, or taken by others. This blog shows some paintings from Yvonne's and my travels together. Have look at my other Blog www.aquarellesdefrance.wordpress.com

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  1. Hi Brian,
    Ah, Scotney, such fond memories I have of it. I especially like the header painting because of the composition. The castle is not front and centre and does not dominate the rest of the work. It’s like you are peeking through the branches and the colours are amazing. The entire collection is just lovely but that first one is my favourite.

    I haven’t painted really at all for months – other things were always taking priority but I’ve finally been able to get started on a landscape this week and I am enjoying it.
    Best regards,

  2. Beautiful watercolors, Brian. I really enjoy seeing all the places you paint!

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